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Fall In Love RX🌹🌱🌿



This is truly a flower of the heart and root, I say this because while it is truly a flower of Looovee, it has a strong impact on Root Chakra Related organs and our Skin health. Roses essentially help us see the beauty in and love our most primal. . . physical selves.
The auroma alone has powerful effects on aiding the healing anxiety, depression, AND grief. Its promotes Collagen production(strong hair and nails) and nourishes the GOOD bacteria In our gut. One of my favorite things is it's effect on the Urinary Tract and Reproductive Organs. Roses in my experience have an affinity for nourishing our precious loving parts(in both men and women)
This is truly a flower of love on our most Primal Level. I find that it balances or even bring a soft glow to our root/physical chakra. I find that it nourishes that space of feel safe and secure. I also find it to be a wonderful mood enhancer. I feel that If you have been having any Issac with self love. . . primarily on the physical level Rose is a must have in your personal Apothecary


Infamous for stimulating circulation and energy in the body. It inhances the "Fire" In the body, that primal energy. It helps to rev up any stagnant energy in the body, from digestion, heart health, immunity & reproductive system health and vigor.
Ginger in TCM is used to to relieve "Damn & Chill'
This is a "Go and get it Root" if you feeling down and out, emotionally bleh or plain ole lethargic this is the root to have in you in home Apothecary.
When your primal fire is ablaze you can't help but to "getterdone", you feel happier and more alive. It's a great companion for the cooler seasons.

St. Johns Wort

This is one particularly Uplifting little flower who's Joyful Nature can make even the grumpiest person smile if even a little.
St. John's Wort is most known for its effects on the Nervous System. It is a relaxing Nervine known to relieve anxiety and tension. Excellent for mild-moderate depression. Particularly wonderful for folks who need a pick me up during the cooler seasons.

Helps relieve pain associated with damaged nerves and neuralgia. Can help heal and repair nerves damaged by traumatic injury and other causes.

Stands out due to it's energetic ability to tonify the kidneys and clear cold/ damp in the urinogenital system (helps with UTIs, cold and damp are generally the key energies associated with UTI's) as clears mucus in the Urine.

PARENTS: Great for Children who have issues with Bedwetting and Incontinence.

MOMMIES: Great for healing scarring associated with Caesarean Surgeries when used into Balm/Ointment or Salve.


Has more Protein then any other native plant!! Large amounts of Iron, trace minerals, fat and CHLOROPHYLL!!🌱 Nettles is a building herb, a moving herb, it says "Here is the building blocks, get up and get going" to your cells. Nettles helps your body remember how to integrate proteins that your body has stored or from foods you eat while it . . provides more Protein/Nutrition. It keeps the proteins "organized" If you will.

It treats inactivity all throughout the body. Is particularly GREAT for anemic people (hence the reason I have such a close relationship with this plant friend). Nettles is used to remove Uric Acid Wastes from the body.
This impacts folks prone to Gout, Eczema, skin rashes and "gravel" in the kidneys.
Nettles also helps move Stagnant mucus and helps open the lungs. It essentially has an amazing impact in the way that it treats cold and damp conditions. So stagnant mucus is the form of Cysts, mucus in the intestines etc have no chance when Nettles are used regularly.

Nettles has this gift of building the tissues to really be able to function well themselves. DEEPLY nourishing plant friend.
MOMMAS: Known to stimulate Breast Milk